Porsche’s vision is to create the perfect race car and the 911 GT3 Cup introduced in 2018 is a step closer to achieving this. The car is faster, more durable, more efficient and even safer than its predecessors and is quite simply a pure-bred race car and a precision instrument for the racetrack.

Developed from scratch, the engine offers even greater power output than previous models. The four-litre six-cylinder boxer engine delivers up to 485 hp at 7,500 rpm and 480 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

Drive force is transmitted to the rear axle by a racing clutch and a Porsche six-speed sequential dog-type transmission.

In addition, a key benefit of this new drive system is that the engine and gearbox run times have been doubled before they require their first rebuild (engine from 50 to 100 hours and gearbox from 30 to 60 hours) thereby significantly reducing operating costs.

Delivering incredible performance, the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car is also the most equal car in motorsport, clearly demonstrating individual driver skill and nerve.

Engine layout Aluminum six-cylinder rear-mounted Boxer engine
Power 338 kW (460 hp)
Transmission Porsche six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox
Brake system Aluminum six-piston racing calipers in mono-bloc design at front, Aluminum four-piston racing calipers in mono-bloc design at rear
Steering McPherson strut at front, Multilink suspension at rear, non-adjustable Racing shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
Safety Welded-in roll cage, FT3 safety fuel tank, fire extinguishing system